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Dr. Tina Medina 
A professional writer specializing in public relations, community/media relations, technical and grant writing, Dr. Medina began her career in journalism as a high school writer and it became a profession that has spanned over 35 years.

Medina will be hosting her own television show, Faith-Based Spriritual Sexual Abuse Recoveru on the Preach the Word Worldwide networl in September of 2020. Tina previously held the position of Reporter and Producer for Breakthrough with Rod Parsley (an international television program on TBN and Daystar Television), and was formerly the news assignment editor and a reporter for Fox Four (formerly News Channel Four).  Dr. Medina has also worked in the local Kansas City media producing Hispanic media programming at KCPT, KCUR and KKFI.

She was the original creative force and co-publisher of La Lista Latina, Kansas City’s first Hispanic Business Directory and the nation’s First Latino Expo, whose combined clientèle was 800 members ranging from main stream corporate sponsors to small business owners.

She held the position of Diversity Facilitator at the Kansas City Kansas Area Technical School.  During her tenure she was able to secure two grants totaling $125,000.00 for bilingual marketing and technical equipment.  Dr. Medina has written over 50 successful grants and has procured funding for a number of local Kansas City non-profit organizations dedicated to assisting the under privileged and low-income urban core.

She became a Certified Career Coach while serving in that capacity at the Kansas City Kansas Workforce Partnership Center.  Writing over 800 resumes and many grants on a volunteer basis, she enjoys helping people highlight their natural skills and capabilities so that employers are able to easily discern what the individual brings to the professional environment. Additionally, she served as the Director of Mental Health at Community Linc in Kansas City Missouri.

These positions afforded her the opportunity to see a pattern in the lives of many sexual assault victims which led her to develop a four part book series to help people of all ages begin the recovery process of sexual abuse in a self-help and faith-based manner. Medina invested her own funds to produce this series which provides counseling tips, self-esteem building, and written exercises to help the reader gain assistance and a strong-case management plan.

She is currently the part-time Executive Director of the Armourdale Renewal Association where she has lead them out of debt and on a course to success and positive community engagement. She operates her companies, Wise Writers and Speakers and Medina Oasis Media which serves a national writing client base on Thumbtack and publishes her books.

Dr. Medina holds a Ph.D. in Christian Psychology from Word Bible College, a Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and a Master of Arts in Business Management from Baker University, a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

Medina will hire other professionals on an as needed basis depending on the project at hand.