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Tina Medina, Ph.D. and Team


Wise Writers and Speakers and Medina Oasis Media are sister companies which work together in producing and selling custom written products for you.  As the owner of both companies, I guarantee the following to you in the area of resume writing:

1. I will write until you are  happy with the product. If you want any edits or enhancements that is cool  because you will have the opportunity to tell me what you want when I present the first draft of the resume to you. I am not perfect and will make some basic mistakes (at times) so the review time for editing will allow you and I to find the errors and work them out. Writing is a process and  please know that at some point the material will become very familiar to me and I will not catch all errors, however I will fix them during this revision phase. This is my promise to you!   We will have a phone conference to go over everything, so your resume needs are met. You will be given every opportunity to help me create a great resume for you. We  (you and I) are a team as this is a team process, so know that listening to your comments is what we strive to do!  

2. My no push-back policy means that my team is 100% committed to listening to you and meeting your needs. We are not going to push-back if you want something changed to enhance your resume as that would be defeating our goal to make you happy with the resume.  *This policy is based on your full cooperation and professionalism in providing us the material that we need and within a reasonable time frame because this is a team process. We are asking you to meet us half-way and we will bring our 100% effort, skills, listening ability and professionalism to this project! 

3. You will pick out the format of the resume from our sample base after you pay your resume deposit. We will stick to it throughout the resume creation  process. Now if you want a different format, please make sure we know this immediately because it is crucial for success.  You will have to send it to us and remember, there is no use of color in a resume or any graphs as it is still a very formal document.  We can send you pdf samples of our work if requested.

4. You will get both a PDF and a Word Document for convenience and a professional courtesy as this is a huge bonus for you!

5. I will store the resume for you on my protected system as a bonus.  This is so important because when you need a new resume in a year or so, we have it and an upgrade for a repeat customer  is only $50.00  to $100.00 depending on the resume.

6. If you send us a job description that you really are focused on we will create the resume for that job specifically to help you reach your goal. We can also create a more inclusive and versatile resume for an additional $75.00 since we have the template already. You will not be charged for the price of two resumes, just $75.00 extra.

7. Our turn around time is generally 4 to 5 days, but if you need a faster time deadline, there will be a fee of $40.00 to make this happen.

Outstanding customer service is what we provide as well as strong resume writing services, friendly and personable communication plus excellent listening skills at a very affordable rate is what we do. Our professional record on Thumbtack is very strong and you are paying for quality writers who are compassionate in helping you create the best resume possible. It is our goal to be number one on Thumbtack and we want to help you in the process because writing is our art, and passion for helping others is our mission.  Our reviews are strong because we give our very best to every client, every time, and everyday of the work week.

Our process is simple:  Call me at (913) 244-1070 and let's talk about your resume project. The phone consultation is free and here is the process:  Email me your current resume with the job description that you want to go after and any additional information to drtina@wisewritersandspeakers.com.  Make your selection of the resume you want above and use the button below to pay me in full by Paypal. I also take Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo,credit and debit cards over the phone so please call me for your payment.  If you want the resume to be a quick delivery, please know we will be moving fast and your cooperation is a must.  WW&S works 6 days a week and will work on a Sunday for you if needed because we know there are emergency interviews that occur on a Monday and you need your resume with you.   It is our goal to offer you the best in service that technology provides because we want to serve you with integrity and professionalism.  I hope this  streamlining of my resume business with the prices listed above and the payment center  is more convenient for you. 

* After working with hundreds of clients, we know that active communication is crucial and important for deadlines. WW&S are great communicators and listeners and it is very rare that a problem arises in this area but we do need your involvement in the process of writing to deliver a great resume for you. All resume sales are final because the professional document is custom written for you and we do need a timely deposit to get the project started and there are no exceptions. 

** You have 90 days to review the resume and Wise Writers and Speakers will make any and all changes at no cost to you. After that time period, there will be a fee of $30.00 to make any changes to the resume. Wise Writers and Speakers and Medina Oasis Media are sister companies which work together in producing and selling custom written products for you.  As the owner of both companies, I guarantee the following to you in the area of resume writing: The best service and a great attitude!

‚Äč                                                                                         RATES 

                One Page  $85.00  Two Page  $160.00  Executive Resume $280.00 and Up Federal $550.00 and Up 

                                                         All resumes include customized cover letter.